Risk Management Support for Members


CivicRisk Mutual is focused on being flexible for our councils with top-tier practices toward risk management. Read on to learn how to maximise your membership with us and for a comprehensive list of our risk management services.

CivicRisk’s benefits

As CivicRisk is owned and operated entirely by its Local Government Members for risk protection, we provide specific cover for assets and liabilities plus risk management services, including:

  • Asset Valuations: Full property and content valuations happen every five years with desktop valuations the following four years. 
  • Brokerage & Advice on Emerging Risk: Regular updates are provided with information on the insurance market and trends in risk mitigation. We also provide a report, each year, outlining our policies, limits of cover and emerging risks to give you the clearest picture possible.
  • Claims Management Support & Guidance: Support is provided to members for the assessment, response and management claims. We also provide sample letters and guidebooks to assist councils respond and manage claims in a consistent and detailed manner. We also have a panel of lawyers on hand for guidance with litigated claims for your convenience.
  • Continuous Risk Improvement Program (CRIP): An audit program conducted every three years assesses the operations and risks of our members and pools information to develop best and benchmark practice — the Mutual also provides training and support to assist members improve their risk profile.
  • Dedicated Risk Management Support: Members are provided with a dedicated risk management support resource to assist with queries, support and sharing of information. On-call when you need it.
  • Fraud Prevention Software: Members have access to a financial management system that checks payment details and provides warnings to staff when fraudulent activity is identified.
  • Funding Grants for Risk Enhance Initiatives: $20,000 worth of risk enhance funding grants is provided annually for members to assist in mitigating risks identified in members’ CRIP audits, such as assessments and reviews, software and reporting tools, plus motor vehicle driver education and training.  
  • Funding Grants for Study Assistance: $5,000 of available funding is provided to members annually for external risk mitigation studies, including risk management, business continuity, governance and compliance.  
  • Local Government & Legislative Advocacy: Instrumental in facilitating and advocating for legislative change to protect local government and public risk, the Mutual has worked with State Government to review public liability claim costs in the past.
  • Member Portal Access: All meeting agendas, minutes and reports are available on the member portal, along with policies, procedures, financial information, certificates of placement, risk management resources and training — resources and a wealth of information all at your fingertips.
  • Participation at Industry & Mutual Conferences: Risk management industry annual membership and national conference attendance funding is provided for each council’s risk manager. All members are invited to attend the Mutual’s annual Members Forum and decide our strategy going forward.
  • Risk Engineering Audits: Our property insurer undertakes an annual program of risk audits to ensure members’ properties are well-maintained, hazard-free and fit for intended use. 
  • Risk Excellence Awards Program: Our annual awards program recognises the efforts of the members and highlights areas of risk management excellence.
  • Training & Professional Development: We provide training for members on emerging risks and bespoke topics. We also provide opportunities for professional development through conferences, seminars, and workshops for your continued improvement in your respective fields.
  • And more!

Self-managed and self-funded means ongoing relationship building. Learning what other members do and how you can support one another is just a small piece of the puzzle when it comes to utilising your membership with CivicRisk. This is the place to be, and with both our ongoing desire to learn and improve, you and other members can be assured that risks are mitigated and your skills are being honed. Members can access more details on the Portal using the Member Login.

For more about CivicRisk, contact us.