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Protection Programs

Councils are at the forefront of communities, managing the day-to-day requirements of local government and providing essential services for their residents. The financial security of councils is an important part of their ability to provide these services. As such, it’s vital that you have the right protection in place to reduce uncertainty and make losses more manageable.

At CivicRisk Mutual, we offer a range of protection programs that can be tailored to suit each member’s needs. In addition, our members enjoy rights to the surplus of their contributions once all claims and administration costs are paid.

What We Offer

Our group protection plan offers a combination of self-insured, group insurance and risk management support. This approach makes sure that you have the right amount of coverage for your needs and protects your municipality against any unexpected risks.

Community Support

Covers claims stemming from a community facility hirer, stallholder or performer’s actions that cause loss or injury.

Corporate Travel

Covers losses incurred by councillors and employees while travelling on council business.


Covers members for losses or theft suffered at the hands of council employees and covers them from fraud committed by others.


Covers members against losses related to cyber-attacks and security breaches.

Management Liability

​​Covers councillors, directors and officers for claims related to legal costs incurred as a result of an inquiry, breach of statute or wrongful acts relating to employment within their council.

Motor Vehicle

Covers members’ commercial motor fleets, including cars, trucks, big machinery and more.

Personal Accident

Covers councillors and volunteers against possible loss of income or death, as well as disability.

Professional Indemnity

Protects members against claims for alleged negligence or breach of duty arising from an act, error or omission in the performance of professional services.


Covers damage and consequential loss of a council’s physical assets.

Public Liability

Covers members for claims resulting from injury or loss incurred by another person as a result of council activity or assets.

Why CivicRisk Mutual?

We ensure our members receive value for their money by developing creative, strategic solutions that leverage bulk purchasing power. Moreover, we only seek to obtain the cover required to ensure member satisfaction — money will never be wasted.

In addition, we offer our members funding grants and discretionary provisions for coverage when insurance is unavailable. When members have an issue, CivicRisk Mutual will provide support, and when members have a claim, the Mutual pays.

Hear What Our Members Are Saying

It’s a real mutual with transparency, sharing of experiences and lessons learned between members, and the focus on risk management to reduce costs.

Steve Naven

Chief Financial Officer, Willoughby City Council

The customer service is second to none. The communication is wonderful between CivicRisk and the member Councils.

Sandy Robinson

Asset/Claims & Insurance Officer, Snowy Monaro Regional Council

The services offered to members is exceptional. The team has been wonderful to work with, any query has been dealt with promptly and so competently.

Charlotte O’Meara

Risk Management Lead, Orange City Council

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Members rely on us to help them get through tough times, so they can continue doing what they do best — serving their communities.

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