Training and Professional Development

Through our training and professional development opportunities, we provide a greater knowledge of risk management and enable access to new tools, resources and information for mitigating claims — which are essential for improving council functions and thereby creating safer communities.

How Does It Work?

We provide complimentary training on areas of emerging risk and bespoke topics, as well as professional development opportunities via conferences, seminars, workshops and our Study Assistance Funding Grant Program.

Risk and Claims Training

Our traditional training sessions focus on emerging risks, trending claims and protection program advice from experts with extensive experience in the field.

Here are topics we have covered in the past:

  • GIPA & Information Access. 
  • Effects on DAs by DPIE Flood Modelling.
  • CivicRisk Mutual 101 — Introduction for new representatives.
  • Modern Slavery Act (NSW) — What It Means for Councils. 
  • Bike Tracks & Motorised Scooters. 
  • Inland Waterway Risk Assessments.

Bespoke Onsite Training

From 2022, CivicRisk has enhanced its traditional training program with bespoke onsite sessions that address our members’ needs. These sessions include claims management and mutual information as well as:

  • Councillors, Directors & Officers.
  • Crime.
  • Planning & Certification.
  • Professional Indemnity.
  • Road Reserves & Trees.

Professional Development Opportunities

In addition, members are given the chance to further their careers and gain educational qualifications through:

  • Risk management industry membership and attendance to an annual national conference.
  • Corporate access to the International Business Continuity Institute’s network and resources.
  • Funding grants to assist members with studies in risk management, business continuity, governance and compliance.

These benefits are designed to strengthen our members’ skills and provide them with valuable learning experiences. Furthermore, they enhance the membership by providing a forum for collaboration in which everyone can contribute. In our format, participants learn from one another through correspondence, engagement and retention — one that prioritises better risk management.

​​Study Assistance Funding Grant Program

The Mutual provides funding grants to assist members in enhancing risk knowledge and awareness within their councils. 

Members may apply for up to $5,000 in grants per year for external risk mitigation studies such as business continuity, governance and compliance. After an application is submitted with a service provider proposal, the Mutual proceeds to review and pay as per the agreement.

Participation at Industry and Mutual Conferences

The Mutual provides annual membership to the Risk Management Institute of Australia (RMIA) for each Council’s risk manager, as well as funding for attendance to the annual national conference. In addition, all members are encouraged to attend the Mutual’s annual Members’ Forum and decide on our strategy going forward.

Member Portal

A members-only online portal that provides key information about the Mutual and risk management resources. It’s continually updated with new meeting documents, policies, procedures, financial information, certificates of placement, risk management resources, training presentations and more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The schedule for upcoming training sessions can be accessed through our Member Portal.

Yes, you can access past training presentations through our Member Portal.

We provide bespoke onsite training sessions on claims management, Mutual-related information and the following topics:

  • Councillors, Directors and Officers.
  • Crime.
  • Planning and Certification.
  • Professional Indemnity.
  • Road Reserves and Trees.

Please complete the training request form on our Member Portal.

To find out your Council’s funding grant balance, please email us or call us at 1300 837 493.

Information about CivicRisk Mutual’s Study Assistance Funding Grant Policy and Application Form can be accessed on the Member Portal.

Information about RMIA events and seminars can be accessed through our Member Portal.

Information about our Members’ Forum, including registration and program, can be accessed through our Member Portal.

Meeting documents from Committees, Board, Members Assembly and more, can be accessed through our Member Portal.

The membership directory can be accessed through our Member Portal.

Sign into the Member Portal to access Mutual information, risk management resources, letter templates and examples, news and more. If you’re having trouble, please email us or call us at 1300 837 493 for assistance.

Still have questions about our Training and Professional Development opportunities?

Visit our FAQ page or get in touch with our team to learn more.

More Services and Benefits

We understand that local governments have unique needs, which is why we offer a comprehensive list of risk management services and benefits:

Hear What Our Members Are Saying

As a member, we’re regularly offered niche training workshops, professional development, study assistance, industry membership and conference attendance. As a regional Council without a large team or in-house legal at our disposal, these training and networking opportunities are critical for keeping up-to-date with contemporary best practices and continuous improvement. One of the highlights in the last year has been customised training delivered onsite, allowing many staff to attend and discuss our unique or front-of-mind challenges.

Renee Winston

Risk Management Coordinator, Kiama Municipal Council

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Serving our members’ needs first and foremost is our top priority. The unique challenges faced by local governments are well understood within the Mutual — and we continually strive to become better every day so that all communities will be safer as a result of our collaborative efforts.

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