Crime Protection

While we all hope that we never experience the devastating effects of crime, it’s important to be prepared should an incident occur. Crime cover can be the difference between a minor inconvenience and a major financial setback.

At CivicRisk Mutual, we’re committed to helping councils protect their assets, minimise risk and recover quickly from the impact of crime. Our team will be there for you every step of the way, from providing advice and assistance with your claim through to settling it.

How Does It Work?

This protection program provides financial support and claims processing for members that have experienced losses resulting from a variety of criminal acts — including theft, fraud, extortion, forgery and more.

As with our other protection products, our members can take advantage of a combination of self-insured, group insurance and risk management support services. This approach ensures that you have the right level of cover for your needs and your council is protected against the full range of risk exposures.

Value-Added Services and Benefits From CivicRisk Mutual

We set up our members for success by providing them with the right tools, resources and support to help manage their risk. In addition to offering crime protection, we’ve introduced a number of value-added services that work toward our common goal of making communities safer. These include:

  • An array of exceptional service providers with ultra-fast response times. 
  • Professional development tailored to your needs, based on risk assessment and claims experience.
  • Mutual funding and grants that are available on an annual basis.
  • Facility risk surveys conducted by professionals.
  • Access to a wealth of risk management resources, including claim manuals and guidebooks through our Member Portal.
  • Collaboration with government agencies and industry leaders.

Hear What Our Members Are Saying

With changes to the Code of Conduct, we utilised our risk enhance funding to update our online training module, reinforce the corruption prevention message and undertake an annual mandatory update of staff responsibilities.

Bruce Ferguson

Risk and Audit Manager for People, Culture and Workplace, City of Parramatta Council

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