Passionate about delivering tailored and cost-effective risk management solutions.

With over three decades of experience, we remain dedicated to producing a range of member-focused actions that encourage transparency and collaboration amongst councils.

Committed to Excellence


surplus achieved by minimal claims, robust investments and protection cost savings


collectively saved by members since Mutual inception


of funding grants directed towards 38-member risk initiatives for 88% of membership


of member contributions account for Mutual administration and training costs


of members responded to the annual survey and indicated 94% satisfaction with the Mutual


of members attended our risk, claims and bespoke training

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Our Story:

We’ve come a long way from our humble beginnings in 1988. Our people, values and partners have been key to our success.


We provide like-minded councils with creative solutions to manage risk, as well as a wide array of benefits and specialist support.

Protection Program:

We have a broad range of options that can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

Benefits & Services:

Our benefits and services are the foundation on which we build our success. From training and education to brokerage support, we have the tools to help our members succeed.

Why CivicRisk Mutual?

We offer tailored risk management solutions to ensure our members feel safe, confident and supported at all times.

Members own the mutual

CivicRisk is owned by members, for members — and every voice matters in our decision-making process.

Collaboration amongst councils

Collaboration and teamwork are in our DNA. By working together, we’ve built relationships, reduced claims and saved $93.3 million which would have otherwise gone to insurers.

Expert and specialist support

We have a prompt service of dedicated advisors supported by our funding to mitigate risk, resolve claims and collaborate with agencies.

Quality cover

Our creative solutions help councils avoid and mitigate catastrophes at affordable rates. This is the reason that we have had 8 new members in the past 2 years: Saving them money while providing an ownership model for ongoing returns.

Transparency and sustainability

We pursue a strategy that is transparent and sustainable. All information relating to claims, surplus and contributions are open, visible and accessible.

Professional development

All members are afforded the opportunity to develop their skills and competencies through our professional development program — which entails bespoke risk and claims training for safer, more secure communities.

Join other like-minded councils in building safer, more resilient communities.

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It’s not just about insurance…CivicRisk Mutual is an extension of the council; we run it, we are the ones that make the decisions in an open and transparent way, we share our experiences with claims and risks and we support each other.

Fausto Sut

Acting Director Corporate & Community, Bayside Council

As a long-term member of CivicRisk Mutual, Blacktown City Council has played an active role in what is a premium example of effective and efficient local government collaboration.

Kerry Robinson

Chief Executive Officer, Blacktown City Council

I’ve been a member of CivicRisk Mutual (formerly UIP) for over 15 years and with 2 different councils. If you’re looking for flexible, tailored and innovative risk management solutions, I would have no hesitation recommending CivicRisk Mutual.

Ian Smith

Ian Smith Manager Risk Management Services, Shellharbour Council

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