Risk Management
Benefits and Services

CivicRisk Mutual’s benefits and services are designed to support member Councils in the delivery of their responsibilities and efforts to create safer communities.

What We Offer

As CivicRisk is owned and operated by its local government Members for risk protection, we provide specific cover for assets, liabilities, and risk management services, including:

Asset Valuations

Full property and contents valuations are conducted every five years, with desktop audits the following four years. Furthermore, one-off valuation reviews are provided for any newly purchased or constructed buildings.

Brokerage and Advice on Emerging Risks

Our broker provides regular updates on how the insurance market is evolving and what emerging risks might be worth considering. An annual report describes our program in detail, along with information about coverage limits and new policies we’ve introduced.

Claims Management Support and Guidance

Our claims manager provides members with expert support and guidance regarding claims — including assessment, response, and management. Additionally, our panel of lawyers can assist with litigated claims as required.

Continuous Risk Improvement Program (CRIP)

We’ve created an ongoing program to assess the risks involved in our members’ operations. And with our thorough understanding of the unique needs of local government, we’re able to develop best practices that we can share with our members to mitigate and manage risk.

Risk Enhance Program

We offer $20,000 of funding grants for initiatives that address risk management issues identified by the CRIP program. Examples include Code of Conduct training, contractor management, cyber risk assessments, and more.

Training and Professional Development

All members are granted the opportunity to develop their skills and competencies through our professional development program, which involves bespoke onsite training, study assistance grants, networking events, and more.

Why CivicRisk Mutual?

CivicRisk is a self-managed and self-funded organisation, with each member contributing to the success of all by learning how they can support one another. With our ongoing desire to collaborate and improve, you can be assured that risks are mitigated and your skills honed when you’re part of the Mutual.

Moving to CivicRisk Mutual has been like a breath of fresh air. The willingness of members to provide assistance and share resources is remarkable and my Council has certainly benefited greatly from this support. I feel sure the Mutual itself must benefit from this healthy environment, as all members adapt and improve all manners of their operations.

Laurence Rowe

Governance Officer Risk, Gunnedah Shire Council

The services offered to members are exceptional. The team has been wonderful to work with, any query has been dealt with promptly and so competently.

Charlotte O’Meara

Risk Management Lead, Orange City Council

As a member, we are regularly offered niche training workshops, professional development, study assistance, industry membership and conference attendance. As a regional Council without a large team or in-house legal at our disposal, these opportunities and the networking provided are critical to keeping up to date with contemporary best practices and continuous improvement. One of the highlights in the last year has been customised training delivered onsite, allowing many staff to attend and discuss our unique or front-of-mind challenges.

Renee Winston

Risk Management Coordinator, Kiama Municipal Council

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