Get to Know CivicRisk Mutual

CivicRisk is a self-funded, self-managed, member-based Mutual that is entirely committed to serving our members’ needs. For over three decades, we have supported councils in Australia with risk management and mitigation services, helping them better protect and serve their communities.

Our membership consists of 26 Councils representing metropolitan Sydney, regional NSW, and the Illawarra. They’re diverse, with different requirements and risk profiles, but our experience has enabled us to develop a range of bespoke solutions to meet their needs.

Our Core Principles

Open Book

  • Transparency builds trust
  • We are all accountable
  • We share equitabilty in our performance

At CivicRisk, we believe that transparency is key to maintaining a strong relationship with our members. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards and are committed to communicating openly and honestly about what we do — and how we do it.

The Mutual is a collaborative effort and, by working together, we’re able to achieve greater success than any of us could on our own.

Value Mutuality

  • Collaborate & share
  • Be involved: we get what we put in
  • Everyone’s view matters
  • On our terms: members decide

To accomplish this, we’ve put members’ needs first and foremost. We design tailored protection programs, offer risk management services, professional development opportunities, funding grants and training — but we don’t make decisions on behalf of our members. Instead, we empower them to engage in open discussions so that we can all continue to learn from our shared experiences and best risk management practices.

Better Every Day

  • Transparency builds trust
  • We are all accountable
  • We share equitabilty in our performance

To be the preferred provider of risk protection solutions and support for local government councils, we must continue to innovate. By coming up with new ways to deliver more value and going above and beyond for our members, we will continue to enable the true spirit of mutuality to shine through CivicRisk.

Our Mutual Value Measurement

Since 2020, CivicRisk Mutual has been participating in a pilot program with the goal of implementing a new Mutual Value Measurement (MVM) framework designed by the Business Councils of Co-operatives and Mutuals (BCCM), and Monash University.

This framework provides co-operatives and mutuals like ours with guidelines for capturing and measuring the real value of our Mutual. It sets out common dimensions through which we can assess how well we are serving our members using key performance indicators (KPIs).

Our Story

CivicRisk Mutual was established in 1988 by six foundation Councils from Western Sydney with the overarching goal of transparency and members customising their own experience.

Our People

Our team works hard to make sure that we deliver on our promise of service. They ensure operations are compliant and strive for excellence in all they do.

Our Service Partners

Our network of service partners provides members with the products, support, and services they need to build safe and resilient communities.

Our Annual Reports

Each year, we publish an Annual Report that provides a detailed view on our growth, performance, and financial position.

Join CivicRisk Mutual

Members rely on us to help them get through tough times, so they can continue doing what they do best — serving their communities.

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