Your Invitation to
Join CivicRisk Mutual

CivicRisk Mutual is owned and operated entirely for and by its members. With the goal of providing creative solutions to risk management, we’re a family of like-minded councils committed to transparency, collaboration and support.

In the last two years, CivicRisk has enrolled eight new members. We welcome applications on a rolling basis and encourage those who are willing to work together to make communities safer to join us.

Why CivicRisk?

CivicRisk approaches risk management in an innovative, community-driven way. Members count on the flexibility to customise their own experience and we have the knowledge to support them throughout their journey.

Our range of benefits and services are designed to create a deeper understanding of risk management and equip local government leaders with the tools they need to build resilient communities. In addition, our protection program can be tailored to meet each member’s unique needs.

A Self-Funded Organisation

Each council pays a contribution to fund the Mutual and receives access to cost-effective solutions as well as to a range of tools, resources and exclusive events. We also offer members an abundance of grants to help councils identify and implement the best practices for risk mitigation.

CivicRisk calculates each member’s contribution by taking into account a number of statistics relating to the council’s size and claim history.

Types of Membership

All CivicRisk Mutual members benefit from tailored risk management solutions, professional development opportunities, specialist support and more. Here’s a list of our current members from councils across Australia.

We offer two types of membership:

Full Membership

of CivicRisk Mutual with full voting rights.

Affiliate Membership

of CivicRisk Mutual with full participation function but no voting rights.

Our leadership team provides daily management support so the organisation runs smoothly and with members’ best interests as a priority.

Hear What Our Members Are Saying

It’s a real mutual with transparency, sharing of experiences and lessons learned between members, and the focus on risk management to reduce costs.

Steve Naven

Chief Financial Officer, Willoughby City Council

The customer service is second to none. The communication is wonderful between CivicRisk and the member Councils.

Sandy Robinson

Asset/Claims & Insurance Officer, Snowy Monaro Regional Council

The services offered to members is exceptional. The team has been wonderful to work with, any query has been dealt with promptly and so competently.

Charlotte O’Meara

Risk Management Lead, Orange City Council

Enquiry and Application Process


Express your interest


Indicative contribution assessment


Members discuss application


Due diligence assessment


Claims and program review


Due diligence results


Board decision


Commence membership

To protect our operations, ideals and standards, CivicRisk Mutual may offer new members the opportunity to become affiliates for an initial period of time before agreeing to a full membership level. We also reserve the right to accept or reject any applications. However, the Mutual guarantees a thorough discussion and due diligence review to make an informed decision.

Ready to get started?

To express your interest in becoming a CivicRisk member or request additional information, fill out our membership enquiry form. We look forward to partnering with you!