Your Invitation to Join CivicRisk Mutual

CivicRisk Mutual welcomes new members


CivicRisk Mutual is a mutual of like-minded councils, sharing the same strategic approach to risk management.  Councils working together to provide safter communities and we welcome new members but it is important that new members be congruous with the present membership.  In view of this, CivicRisk Mutual reserves the right to accept or reject any application for new membership. In this regard the Mutual undertakes a due diligence review of each new member and will engage the council as an Associate Member until the review is finalised.

Type of Membership

CivicRisk Mutual offers two types of membership:

  • Full membership of CivicRisk Mutual and a regional board with full voting rights
  • Associate member to CivicRisk Mutual with full participation function with no voting rights

More about Associate Membership

The offer of Associate Membership can be provided on a long term basis or an initial period to enable the member an opportunity to become accustomed to the operation, ideals and standards of CivicRisk Mutual.  This will ensure that an informed decision is made as to the preferred membership level at the conclusion of the initial period.

Process of Enquiry and Membership

We invite your Council to apply for membership by undertaking the following application process:

Membership Process


Membership Enquiry