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Join our community of like-minded Councils to get access to tailored risk management solutions, bespoke protection programs, specialist support, funding grants and more. CivicRisk welcomes applications on a rolling basis, and we have two types of membership — affiliate and full.

Joining CivicRisk Mutual

We have developed an approach that allows us to bring new members into the Mutual in an efficient and effective way, assigning resources to help these members set up a robust risk management framework.

After your application is processed and membership has been granted, CivicRisk Mutual will provide the relevant training. From the basics of risk management to advanced strategies and legal advice — you’ll learn everything you need to get up to speed. We’ll also send you regular updates on the industry’s latest news, products and services.

Membership Process and Eligibility

CivicRisk Mutual is open to all Councils in Australia that are committed to the protection of their communities and the people they serve.

If you’re interested in joining our Mutual, we can arrange for representatives to visit your Council and discuss the benefits of membership with you. In addition, an actuary can be appointed to estimate the expected contributions based on your risk profile.

Finally, to protect our integrity and standards, we engage with a specialist risk management services firm to undertake a due diligence risk review during each application process that involves a report on:

  • Risk management systems, processes and procedures.
  • New or emerging risks.
  • The Council’s current insurance program.
  • Risk profile and insurance claims.

The cost of this review is shared between the Mutual and Council, capped at $20,000. Previous members have found it to be a valuable exercise — setting a benchmark against other member organisations while giving them an opportunity for improvement and highlighting areas in which they excel.

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