Why CivicRisk?


Our approach

CivicRisk approaches risk management with the overarching goal of transparency and members customising their own experience.

Members own the mutual

They’re actively involved in making critical decisions on claim outcomes and strategic direction with the constitutional right to surplus.  Every voice matters and shares responsibility in the Mutual’s performance.  Our members are especially active – 75% of members attended our recent strategic forum, deciding our strategy going forward.

Collaboration amongst councils

Not only does this build relationships, reduce claims, and make communities safe; it provides better outcomes for litigated claims for all members which results in big money saved – $95 million which would have otherwise gone to insurers.

Expert and specialist support

Our Mutual has a prompt service of bespoke and dedicated advisors, which is supported by our funding grants to mitigate and manage risk, resolve claims and collaborate with agencies.  This increases our knowledge and support, thereby decreasing the chances of risk and claims.  Collaboration and teamwork are in our DNA and are the way we do things.

Quality cover

With creative solutions to cover challenging risks, we help councils avert and mitigate catastrophe at affordable rates.  We ensure member satisfaction in retained funds, not costs.  Our members understand this, to the extent that we have had 8 new members in the past 2 years who chose CivicRisk as their preferred solution – saving them money and providing an ownership model for ongoing returns.

Transparent and sustainable organisation

We are transparent – all information for claims, surplus and contributions are open, visible and accessible.  We have no hidden fees, commissions or agenda.  Our members know we’re about them and we hold this fiduciary responsibility close to heart.

Professional development opportunities

Members are provided a large swath of professional development opportunities with networking and exposure to numerous fields which leads to greater stability and trust within the mutual.  100% of members received bespoke, risk and claims training in their Councils, which helps mitigate claims and makes members’ communities more safe and secure.

Discover the CivicRisk difference

CivicRisk Mutual is built on helping others find and utilise best practices for mitigating risk while building mutually beneficial relationships with others.  For more about CivicRisk, contact us.