Mutual Protection for Members


CivicRisk Mutual offers a range of tailored protection for our local government members to reduce financial uncertainty and make losses more manageable. Our members enjoy constitutional rights to their surplus, the balance of the contributions once all claims and administration costs are paid. The following is an overview of what you can expect when you are a member of our mutual. 

Group Protection

The group protection below is provided to all members. 

  • Public Liability – for claims related to injury or loss incurred from council activity or assets.
  • Professional Indemnity – for claims related to losses from errors or omissions incurred during council planning decisions, certification and advice.
  • Property – for claims related to damage or loss to council assets.
  • Motor Vehicle – for claims related to damage or loss of council fleet and equipment.
  • Management Liability – for claims related to legal costs incurred by councilors, directors and officers involved in a legal inquiry, breach of statute or wrongful acts relating to employment.
  • Crime – for claims related to losses or theft by council employees or fraud.
  • Cyber – for claims related to financial loss by council from cyber security breaches.
  • Corporate Travel – for claims related to losses incurred whilst traveling for council business.
  • Community Support – for claims related to loss or injury incurred by community hirers, stallholders and performers activity.
  • Personal Accident – for claims related to injury or loss by council volunteers.

Quality Cover

For our local government members, we offer quality protection in the form of: 

  • Custom, creative solutions to overcome challenges.
  • Discretionary provisions for coverage when insurance is unavailable.
  • Funding specific to catastrophe or unexpected crisis.

Providing these quality coverage options is just a small step in the right direction to help our councils get back to what they do best, serving the community. It is good to know that CivicRisk Mutual will provide the assistance they need when a crisis strikes. 

What CivicRisk is

With Strategic, creative solutions and bulk buying power, we provide our members with value-for-money protection. This means we seek only to obtain the cover that is required to ensure member satisfaction and that money is never wasted. Our members also retain the funds that aren’t claimed, which come in the form of a surplus payment as determined by our members. Additionally, our services support members’ risk management approach to make their communities safer, with transparency, accountability and investment in projects meant to reduce future risk.

When members have have an issue, CivicRisk Mutual will provide support – when members have a claim, the mutual pays.

In providing group protection, along with risk management support and services, members have full visibility and involvement in the calculation and distribution of annual contributions. Over the last 30 years, CivicRisk Mutual has created $95 million of commercial value in the form of surplus retained for members which would have otherwise been paid into the insurance market.

For more on our protection program and our services, please contact us.