Excellence in Risk Management Awards 2022: Winners Revealed


In a year that saw an outstanding calibre of applicant initiatives, we are thrilled to spotlight the five stellar winners that have truly set a benchmark in risk management:

CivicRisk Mutual Risk Excellence Award: Cumberland City Council exemplifies commitment with their ‘Water Safety Program’. In response to the pandemic-induced challenges, they instituted a comprehensive swim safety campaign, setting a benchmark for Mutual members across diverse communities.

Les Emerson Claims Mitigation Award: Cumberland City Council, once again, merits distinction for the ‘Sydney Cherry Blossom Festival’. After a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19, their meticulous planning and strategic partnerships ensured an enhanced and secure experience for over 100,000 attendees.

WTW Risk Management Award: Richmond Valley Council‘s adept ‘2022 Flood Response’ epitomises foresight and strategic planning, addressing both immediate repercussions and long-term contingencies.

Cyber Security Award: Penrith City Council has manifested resilience and proactivity with ‘SafeConnect – A Cyber Safe Council’. In an evolving post-COVID digital landscape, their cybersecurity initiative stands as a paragon of protection and adaptability.

Motor Vehicle Safety Award: Shellharbour City Council‘s ‘Recovery of Bogged Vehicles’ initiative underscores their dedication to enhancing operational efficiency and safety in the face of unforeseen challenges.

Detailed insights into each of these distinguished initiatives will be forthcoming. We invite you to stay engaged for a deeper exploration.