BCCM’s Discretionary Mutual Video


CivicRisk Mutual’s CEO, Andrew Armitstead, has continued working with BCCM speaking in a Discretionary Mutuals Code of Conduct video about how:

  • Discretionary mutuals are a mechanism for organisations with similar objectives to work together to manage their risks and insurance costs, instead of individually, enabling better deals and cover through collective buying power and sharing the risk.
  • CivicRisk Mutual was established at a time when insurance was not available for Councils and has since saved $95m and implemented improved risk standards amongst our members.
  • With members risks being wide and varied, and cover not always available Australia, CivicRisk approaches international markets to secure increased cover at a reduced cost.
  • CivicRisk exercises discretion and has made immediate payments to help communities recover from significant events, such as with the recent floods in Richmond Valley near Lismore and in the Hawkesbury valley near Sydney.
  • The collective nature of the mutual industry, such as the local government mutuals in the USA and the international mutuals within the BCCM and ICMIF communities all share knowledge and willingly help one another to better serve their members.
  • Being able to make a difference is his true passion and since becoming CEO in 2003, Andrew has learnt about how insurance works, the alternatives to traditional arrangements, how members benefit from creative solutions.
  • CivicRisk has demonstrated its support for members by implementing ideas to help their communities recover from devasting fires or floods, by replacing infrastructure with more resilient buildings and sharing lessons learnt amongst the members.
  • At CivicRisk, our members own and operate the Mutual, they make all the key business decisions and have full visibility and access to information.
  • Cooperatives and Mutuals are here for the long term and not a short-term solution. As they are member focussed and not profit motivated, they are more likely to endure through difficult financial times.

Stay tuned for more – we’ll let you know when the video is available for viewing!

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