Fundamental to our success are our services.  From efficient administration through to training, professional development and awards, we aim to achieve excellence for all members.



Claims Management

Members make decisions on all claims and are supported by an independent claims management team.

Continuous Risk Improvement Program (CRIP)

Every member is required to commit to an ERM philosophy and put in place a CRIP for their council.

Training & Education

CivicRisk Mutual is committed to resource sharing and risk management training.

Awards for Excellence

All members are encouraged to enter and prizes are awarded for the best initiative.

Risk Enhance Program

This program provides risk grants to the value of $10,000 per year for any risk projects.

Building Valuation Service

All members are included in a 3-year funded valuation program.

Study Assistance Program

CivicRisk Mutual provides $5,000 per annum to reimburse course fees for any risk employee.

Risk Engineering Advice

Our property insurer provides an annual engineering audit of major buildings.


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